Traveling made easy by Travel Box, Balikbayan Box Covers, & Luggage Covers for Filipino travelers!

          To most Filipinos, travel means lots and lots of pasalubong. These range from clothes and toys to chocolates and native delicacies. Buying these things for family and friends is actually enjoyable. But when it comes to packing them, they become a problem.

          The Biyahero travel box with wheels and/or balikbayan box cover will solve this traveler’s dilemma, allowing one to pack light and travel in style. This innovative, Philippine-made travel gear is essentially a bag in which to replace or place the balikbayan box and all its contents. Its durable features are designed to secure and seal items more tightly for better handling. Made of heavy-duty polycanvas, the product fits standard cardboard boxes and meets size guidelines for airline luggage. It accommodates standard luggage locks, has reinforced seams and handles and an industrial zipper for that hassle-free “zip up and go” packing (and unpacking) method. Travelers may choose among different colors and styles: Travel Box with Wheels, Lightweight Balikbayan Box Cover, Heavy Duty Balikbayan Box Cover, Basic Balikbayan Box Cover, and/or the Balikbayan Box Strap.

          These breakthrough products aim to replace those brown, bulky packages of yore replete with tapes and ropes, with elegant travel accessories which hold items more efficiently, giving one a feeling of having packed light. Biyahero Balikbayan Box Covers and Travel Boxes are available in Ace Hardwarde stores nationwide or through this website.

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Balikbayan Lightweight Box Cover
Heavy Duty Balikbayan Box Cover
Basic Balikbayan Box Cover
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Balikbayan box with wheels, travel box with wheels
Balikbayan Box Strap

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